Jschomaker Photography has gone “GREEN” ….


Jump for Joy!!! YES…. we are giving back to the community and earth as we speak!!! Jschomaker is now “green” and using solar!


For those that know me on a personal level, you know I LOVE to support the environment when I can…. it’s not always easy or convenient. However, I have always been interested in anything that makes life better.  Eco- Tourism was something I studied in college.

After my trip to Costa Rica last year I realized the impact of going “green” and Eco- Tourism.  It’s a MUST for the future generations.  I saw that you could get nice accommodations and hot showers even with solar!

Then I lived with my kids in maui this summer.  We lived in an A frame dwelling for a while, visited a vegan “off the grid” community.  I just fell “in love” all over again.  See blog and facebook for pictures.

So, I decided I could do something about this in my own life and own community.  Jschomaker Photography has moved to a  “green” and solar dwelling!  We LOVE it!  Our small way of giving back!

When you join the mailing list- you will be entered to win 25% off your next regular session. Also, get “TIPS” mailed to you directly on how to improve your photography. To win you must post this on your facebook page, like Pureavida Photography Adventures with Jenny Preece Schomaker or become my “friend”, and tag me in your comment on you wall.  Once I am notified that you tagged me, you will be placed in a bucket of names and I will pick the winner.  Starts today, will draw a winner every week.

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Massage on MAUI {Na Alii Massage} Makena Hotel

I loved loved every aspect of maui…. ok except for doing laundry by hand …. lol but that was a choice to teach my children “old school” and to be greatful for what they have here:)  I worked while I was there and one of the jobs was for LAURA with Na Alli Massage.  I feel in love with her positive attitude and GREAT massages!!!! Here are some pictures from our photo shoot.  If you are ever in town call her she and her husband NICO and friend MARTY who is also a massage therapist. They  are Soooo FUN!!!



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Rangefinder Magazine {GREAT article} Great source for Photographers

i feel so LUCKY and BLESSED to do what i LOVE!  Photography has blessed my life in sooooo many ways.  When i was younger it helped me cope with all the many many moves. it helped me see the world in a different way, looking for the positive, looking for the different, looking for the maybe looked over things that are so beautiful in how they just are.  Then when I had my children, it was the gift that kept giving.  There was ALWAYS something new and fascinating that i wanted to capture.  I LOVE my kids!  I have LOVED my journey.  YES many ups and downs.  One was my divorce.  I do not talk about it and never on a public forum but photography literally kept me ALIVE during such a dark time in my life! I was soooo blessed to help others and that is what HELPED me survive the darkest time for me.

RANGEFINDER has always been a source I have looked to as a photographer.  To be included in such a prestigious magazine is a DREAM of mine!  This is a fantastic article and I am so THANKFUL especially to DR SUDHA for contacting me and allowing my eyes to be open to so much as well as my lenz!


What R Boys made of……. {Phx family photographer} Jenny Preece Schomaker

This dog in the photo shoot was so funny, guess he new what “little boyz” are made of:)  It new exactly where to go and pose for the picture… LOVE it!  The baby is so adorable, such an  easy baby.  Love babies.  Loved the “Big Brother ” T-shirt and the baby had on a ” Little Brother” T-shirt… ADORABLE!!!

Baby Cakes (newborn- Jschomaker photography) PHX photographer

This baby is soooooooo ADORABLE!  Her mom is so CREATIVE.  She made this adorable diaper cover and hair piece.  I just LOVED it!  Had a blast!  Newborns are one of my all time favorite subject for sure!  They just make me smile, every inch on them is just yummy! I just love this stage of life. Everything is so fresh, new, and innocent.  Glad I can do what I love and make people happy!


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